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Friday, November 21, 2008

3 videos, 3 questions

1) How does gender stereotypes portrayed in all the media forms (TV, magazine, music, video games, movies, etc) from child- to adult-hood affect you?

2) Is it unfair to connect these three videos to a hidden agenda of media culture not only in pointing towards the trend of child exploitation for future product consumption but also the messages they are selling to get our "buy-in" to these characterizations of femininity and masculinity for the purpose of relational power and control, misogyny, and misandry?

3) How do we break free of these to promote healthier and safer ads for future generations?


Anonymous said...

with question 2, i'd say it's not about a hidden agenda of the culture industry, but a natural outcome of a patriarchal society and it's political, economic, and cultural practices.
but i like where you're going with this, thanks,

Heather Jo said...

As an adolescent, I always reminded my friends that the only real power we had in society at the time was consumer power...and if we didn't like something, we either shouldn't buy it or we should start a boycott of certain products and brands. We did all of that...but apparently it's just gotten worse over the years. I'm 28 now, so why didn't it work?

Well, I have my ideas, and they are closely related to what Mr. Anonymous Paul said, only probably a bit more radical...and the fact that we are teaching our children consumerism without regard to the cost it has on our society and in the world is just a shame and highly irresponsible. It's some sort of sick and twisted patriarchal-capitalist butterfly effect, but all I can do is strive to help break the cycle within my family and friends.

Unfortunately others outside of that circle often just think I'm some crazy Marxist :p